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An aspiring actor, a radio DJ, a phone sex operator, and a podcaster interview local comics about their life in comedy, their views of the local scene, and we have them enter the “Comics Corner.” We also discuss random topics, current events, go off on tangents, read Reddit posts, a whole slew of stuff! Some regular segments include “Garbage People Doing Garbage Things,” “Disturbingly Attractive Women,” “Millenial Mayhem,” “Get off My Lawn,” and tons more!

July 29, 2019

Ep. 037 - Carlos Rodriguez

The #GagOnThis crew is joined by Carlos Rodriguez! This episode had so much information in it we had to extend it! He talks his comedy career, a new comedy show with the Oakland A's, he dispenses his years of touring experience for new comics, he enters the Comics Studio, we talk about old school video games, what movies hold up as time goes on, what the panels favorite horror films are, what are "man movies" vs. "woman movies," and of course random tangents galore! Be sure to follow our guest and the show on social media and leave us a review!


Twitter: Carlos Big Nick Rob Danni D

Instagram: Carlos Big Nick Rob Danni D

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